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'Old Man River is the name of the musical vehicle for Australia's Ohad Rein. The project name represents the metaphoric symbolism between the ebb and flow of any great river to our own very existence. At times calm and settling, at others turbulent and unpredictable. This particular artist could not have been more appropriately named Old Man River.

The music of Old Man River is important and has resonated with people around the world. The messages are clear and strong. The musicality is global and not attached to geographic or cultural boundaries. It is pop music with Sitar. Sing-a-long rock music. And more. Dig deep in an attempt to uncover the source of Old Man River's muse and there is a story befitting of a great songwriter just finding his potential. Chapters from his exposure to early military service, tales of performing for the Dalai Lama, busking for Yoko Ono and returning to a homeland 20 years and a lifetime since departing. Dealing with love and tragedy. Life from New York to studying sitar with a guru in Varanasi, India. Big in Japan. Bigger in Italy. Strange days indeed... '  


 -  'Trust' album review by JB Hi-fi 





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